Anyone Can Afford to Fly Private with These Tips

Posted by Monica Michelle Manley on January 20, 2017

While most assume that it’s only the very wealthy that can afford the luxuries of private air, that’s simply not true. You don’t have to be wealthy to book a private aircraft. You just need to be aware of the many different ways you can make a private flight more affordable.

Find Empty Flights











Maybe a company has just flown a celebrity or high-profile individual to a destination and now needs to fly somewhere else. You are sure to find good deals when you come across an empty flight, because that company would rather give you a good deal, than fly an empty plane. The only catch is you have to be ready to go with little down time. If you’re going to catch a ride on an empty flight, you will need to be prepared to jump in a car and get there quickly. For travelers who are spontaneous, and looking to save money, finding an empty flight will give you a way to travel in style while at the same time save money.

Aircraft Sharing







Many companies allow aircraft sharing, much like how Uber offers ride shares, where passengers can hitch a ride with someone who has already booked an Uber. However, with aircraft sharing, you can buy spare seats on a private jet that has already been chartered. Although this means giving up the privacy that accompanies private flying, it’s still a cost-effective way to travel via private airline, and you might just meet some cool new people while you’re at it.

Gather a Group








Depending on the destination you want to travel, and the size of your group, you may find that chartering your own plane can sometimes save you money opposed to each friend of family member buying separate plane tickets. Compare the price of several individual plane tickets to booking a private flight, and you might just be surprised.

Shop for Deals








Don’t be afraid to shop for the best deals. You can use websites to compare the best flight deals, or even hire a broker to do the shopping for you. Brokers typically charge by the hour to find you the best deals. If you go this route, just be sure to ask their price ahead of time, and let them know what you overall budget is. Some private airlines even have membership options so that you can save money flying private, while at the same time have access to a more flexible flight schedule.

Save Money Flying with IMAGINEAIR

When you are booking travel, you will see different options that may help you save money, depending on time of departure. On the phone and online, you will be given different options to help us craft the fare and experience that best meets your needs.

When your flight fits in well before or after an existing flight, this added efficiency enables us to pass on even greater savings to you, through lower fares that will be displayed online or offered by our Client Services team by phone or email.

Flying there and back the same day?

If your return flight leaves within three hours of landing, round trips from certain cities are discounted as much as 40% (varies per route). These fares will be automatically detected after pricing both your departing and return flights on our website.

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