How to Hold a Killer Meeting at an Airport

Posted by Monica Michelle Manley on December 30, 2016

To some, airports may seem like an undesirable location to hold a meeting. This is partly because of the hustle and bustle, the noise, and the lack of privacy. However, there may be times where you have no choice but to have a meeting before boarding your flight. The good news is that with the right guidance and preparation, you can experience a successful meeting no matter where you are. Whether your meeting is in-person or virtual, these tips will help you hold a killer meeting while at an airport.

1. Know Before You Go






Before arriving at your airport, gather all of the information you can regarding your meeting. This way, you will be prepared before you’re even through security. It’s important to take into account who you will be meeting with, approximately how long the meeting will last, and the topics that will be discussed. Knowing this will help you better determine what type of environment would be most appropriate for that meeting.

2. Locate a Business Center






Many airports now have business centers located in select terminals. In these centers you can enjoy a meeting from a quiet business lounge, and even get access to a reliable internet connection. However, it’s important that you do your research first, because not all airports have these business centers, and the ones that do, often require you to book in advance.

 3. Know Your Terminal






Knowing what businesses are in your terminal will serve as an advantage in the long-run. Every airport is different. Some have several options to choose from, while others may resemble more of a wasteland. If your meeting is going to run close to the time of your departure, then locating a place for your meeting within your terminal is going to be crucial. Study the layout of your terminal, and those surrounding it. Knowing the layout ahead of time will give you a better idea of how big of a hassle it could be to move from one terminal to another.  

4. Hotels

Hotel Lobby.jpg

If your airport is less than desirable, and is limited when it comes to lounges or private areas, then research airport hotels. You can guarantee that there will be hotels nearby that will have a nice lobby or bar area. Do your research before arriving, so that you have a backup plan if your airport is lacking.

5. Bring the Right Equipment






Research has shown that the way to get the most out of an online meeting is to limit the amount of distractions around you. If the meeting you’re having is virtual, or over the phone, then bringing the right equipment is key. A nice noise-cancelling headset will go a long way, allowing you to block out any noise or distractions that accompany an airport setting. Also, be sure to have a charger for your phone and laptop located nearby, to ensure your equipment lasts through the entirety of the meeting.

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