Posted by Jess Burns on December 13, 2016


IMAGINEAIR’s first-of-its-kind, proprietary dynamic pricing system is designed to provide IMAGINEAIR’s service at the lowest prices in the industry.  As the first on-demand next generation air taxi to offer real-time online reservations, our mission is to make flying private accessible to the millions of highway travelers every day so they can spend more time on the things that matter in life.          

When selecting fare options, you’ll notice many prices for every time of day.  These fares are dependent upon:

  • Reservation lead time
  • Time of day and demand
  • Efficiency of flight pairings with existing and future reservations

The lowest fares are typically available when booking trips further in advance.  

In order to secure the desired fare, simply reserve your flight here with a credit card or membership.    

When demand exceeds capacity in a particular region, we leverage our trusted network of operator partners.  IMAGINEAIR may offer the option of subcontracting or brokering a flight to another operator, or we may be able to serve our customers by shifting an aircraft from another region.  While these are higher cost options, we do this to ensure that we can maximize our ability to serve our customers.

Ever heard of the popular ride-sharing app, Uber?  There are some similarities – and key differences – in pricing. Like Uber, price automatically responds to establish the equilibrium between our capacity and customer demand, which allows us to ensure that we can maintain planes and pilots for upcoming trips.


Unlike Uber, however, we pass on savings to our customers by offering dramatically lower fares when flights are predicted to efficiently pair together with existing and future flights.


For instance, if you're flying into Nashville at 2pm and there are other flights leaving the Nashville area at 3pm, or we are predicting flights to depart that region, discounts are passed on to the customer due to the likelihood that we will be able to pair the flights.  These opportunities are immediately visible on IMAGINEAIR’s website.    

The result? A network of highly efficient flights – better for your wallet and the environment!

The dynamic pricing model is a tool that allows you to choose the fare you want, when you want.

For the less flexible customers we offer other options that present lower fares while allowing customers to book at their desired departure time.


We offer several membership programs where customers can enjoy a discount while reaping other benefits such as higher priority during busy days.

Platinum Membership is IMAGINEAIR's top-tier membership program.  This provides the most significant discounts along with highest reservation priority, extra flexibility, fare caps to limit price increases, and guaranteed availability more than 48 hours after the time of booking.

platinum arrow.png

The pricing matrix displays the platinum rate cap fare in the top right corner.  The post-discounted fare will never rise above this amount, regardless of the retail price. This membership is ideal for members who book last minute flights and do not have the flexibility to change their date or departure time.


Flight Changes and Cancellations

Because all flights are booked into a network that are closely dependent upon each other, allowing IMAGINEAIR to offer these at the lowest prices in the industry, changing a flight time or removing a flight often creates inefficiencies that increase the operating cost of other flights.  Cancellation fees, however, are still among the lowest in the industry and dependent upon the amount of advanced notice. 

Flight changes are simply charged the increase in fare when the change occurs, with no added change fees. 

Still have questions about how our dynamic pricing works and how it can benefit you? Feel free to call us or email us at for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you on your next flight!


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