Minimalist Packing for the Busy Business Traveler

Posted by Jess Burns on January 13, 2017

 Packing for a business trip can be tiresome, especially when you travel 2-3 times a week for work. Packing light is essential for busy travelers who need to get where they are going with little time to spare. 

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Business professionals should always prepare for their meetings to ensure everything will go smoothly and that they leave a great impression on their clients. Preparation is the key to a successful trip, and what you pack can make or break your trip. Here are some tips to help make your business trip run as smooth and as efficient as possible.

Stick with carry-ons. By avoiding checking your bags, you’ll save a lot of time and hassle. Having only a carry-on will also keep you from losing your only business suit if your bag is somehow misplaced. For a frequent flyer, a professional, yet durable backpack and a rolling carry-on suitcase is a smart investment.


Create a list. Knowing what you need to bring before you pack will save you time and keep you from forgetting important items such as your phone charger. Make your list and once you place each item in your bag, mark that item off your list. Once you’re done, take advice from Santa, and check your list twice.


Plan your outfits. If you are going for a 3-day business trip, then you should have no more than 3 business outfits, 1 lounge outfit/pajamas, 3 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, and 2 pairs of shoes. Wear your first business outfit while you travel so that you have more room in your bag. You can also mix your business attire by interchanging pieces of clothing. Instead of bringing 3 business outfits, you can bring 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts in order to make 3 different outfits. Choose clothes that are light, durable, wrinkle free, and that can easily be repurposed. Be smart while looking your best!


Invest in a good travel kit that has everything you need, such as the travel kit by Traveler Kit and Co. This will ensure you don't forget those little necessities that you don't realize you need until you actually need them. Packing a small travel kit will help you avoid bringing too many hygiene products that will only take up unnecessary space in your suitcase. 


Packing light will limit your backup options, so in the scenario that you split your pants, it’s a good idea to locate local alteration/dry cleaner shops that would be able to fix any unexpected wardrobe mishaps. If you are comfortable with sewing, then keep a small sewing kit on hand in case you need to fix a small snag or tear during your trip. One good kit to consider is the Merchant and Mills Rapid Repair Kit pictured below.


Keep in mind while traveling, that there will always be limited luggage space, unless, of course, you're flying privately.  A small private airplane has the capacity to hold anywhere from a one hundred pounds to a couple hundred pounds of luggage in the cargo area. 

Flying private has its perks, such as having an entire airplane to yourself, not having to sit next to a stranger who snores, and having all of the leg room your heart desires.

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