Perks of Being an Air-Taxi Pilot

Posted by Jess Burns on January 4, 2017

Do what you love - Fly and enjoy uncommon lifestyle benefits!

Schedule Flexibility: Enjoy more freedom with a schedule consisting of 4 days on and 3 days off each week for full-time pilots. We can help meet your desired schedule for flex-time pilots!

Cutting-Edge Technology: We operate the largest fleet of Cirrus SR22-GTS aircraft, with advanced avionics!

Shorter, more regional travel and interactions with celebrities, top executives, leading medical professionals, and other fascinating people that you'll get to know!

About us:


IMAGINEAIR is revolutionizing aviation, making benefits of private air travel more convenient and accessible than ever before.

  • Door-to-Door Travel- We service thousands of lightly utilized airports, most within 10-15 minutes of passengers' homes and destinations.
  • Time Savings- We turn the hassle of a 3 to 8 hour drive into a 1 to 2 hour flight, helping our customers claim back their time!

Our pilots choose us for the convenience and freedom they receive while flying- See what they have to say about flying for IMAGINEAIR:

"A great company to work for. Very safety oriented. A 4-day on/3-day off schedule. Great varied flying!"

- Hart Langer, former Senior Vice President of Flight Operations for United Airlines and Former Chief Pilot at Panam.


"Not only are the people great to work with, but the job allows me to be home on a regular basis and still gives me the opportunity to fly a fun, well-equiped airplane."

- Adam Nance, Former Commerical Pilot and & Flight Instructor.

Adam Nance.jpg

"It's a great company to work for, you're home almost every night. I get to fly out of an airport close to where I live."

- Olav Ommedal, Former Commerical Pilot & Flight Instructor.


Dan Laurie enjoys flying for IMAGINEAIR as a pilot. Laurie explains, “I enjoy it because of the freedom I have to choose my own schedule, the people I get to work with, the really cool places we fly to, the ability to put a smile on people's faces with a great flight, and I love the Cirrus. I have worked for several companies over the years, and I know good people when I see them. We really do have great people!"

Dan has flown with IMAGINEAIR as a full-time pilot for the past two years, but recently became a flex-time pilot instead. Being flex helps Dan to choose his own schedule, allowing him to work around his many projects, and still spend time with his family.

dan flying.jpg

We invite you to join us and experience the freedom and flexibility that IMAGINEAIR has to offer!

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