Private Air Travel Hacks and Etiquette

Posted by Monica Michelle Manley on January 6, 2017

There’s no better way to travel than by a private plane. Using this method of travel comes with perks such as no long security lines, no undesirable passengers sitting next to you, and no tiny seats. In order to experience everything private flying has to offer, we have listed a few private jet travel hacks, and private air etiquette tips to ensure you get the most out of your flight.

Have Your ID Ready


Although you have the luxury of not having to wait in a security line in order to board your flight, you are still required to have the appropriate documents ready before you can board a private jet. Make sure that you have your ID on hand as well as your passport if you are flying internationally.

Allow Your Host to Board First


Much like when you visit someone’s home for dinner and you don’t start eating until the host picks up his or her fork first, you don’t want to board a private jet until your host has done so. This is common private air etiquette, and as a guest, it’s important to be courteous.

Limit Your Luggage


Many assume that while traveling on a private jet, you have an unlimited amount of luggage you can bring. This is not true. Private jets are limited as to what they can carry, depending on the size of the aircraft, weight restrictions, how much fuel is required for that flight, and even the size of the luggage compartment door. Most small jets fit about seven roll-aboard suitcases, which is more than enough for someone who is traveling alone, but it could be a problem if you’re traveling with a few friends or family members. Using soft bags to pack your luggage will come in handy, allowing you to easily store everything in the luggage compartment.

Tip Your Pilot


If you’re happy with the service you received, don’t be afraid to tip your pilot. In fact, tipping a pilot on a private jet is encouraged. Unlike in a mainstream airline services, private airline pilots do it all. Not only do they get you to your destination safely, but they also load your bags, clean the plane, and spend a lot of their time carefully planning all every detail of your flight. Contrary to what some may think, these private air pilots don’t always make very much, and sometimes pocket even less than mainstream pilots do, so if you’re satisfied with your experience, be sure to leave a tip.

Wear the Right Attire

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No, a private airline doesn’t make you dress a certain way. However, it’s common courtesy is to dress in respect to your host. In this case, the pilot is your host, so showing up in a pair of sweat pants just won’t cut it. When flying private air, you will want to dress business casual. Unless, of course, you are planning on having a meeting while on your flight or it’s a business trip. In this case, business dress attire would be more appropriate.


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